We are passionate about business, not-for-profit, communities and government.  We are experienced, talented and dedicated to supporting people to make the right decisions about their image, brand, reputation and engagement.

We have worked for more than three decades across a multitude of industries, sectors, departments, organisations and brands. We have packaged our experience to connect clients with solutions that consider priorities, opportunities and progress.  We support them to move forward. 


Whether it be established, growing, starting up, or changing?  We understand that priorities are multi-layered.  They deliver contrasting effects, create tensions both for people and performance and can focus valuable or scarce resources in one area, usually at the expense of another.  


AND communications has the expertise and capacity to fill the gap, play a role and provide the fundamental energy to navigate these tensions without sacrificing, people, image, brand, reputation and engagement.


Nick’s career has been broad in scope as it has been extensive across media, marketing, brand communications and consulting, needless to say he is connected and very much the fixer all things.


Annmarie has an enviable 25-year career as a strategic leader, adviser and tactical manager of people, not-for-profit, corporate and government communications programs.


Debbie has enjoyed an outstanding 27-year career which has included running her own consultancy business and working both domestically and internationally for not-for-profit, philanthropic and corporate clients.