We ask the right questions, design targeted solutions

and work to implement these with cost in mind.


Inform and engage your internal and external audiences and stakeholders through strategy, advice, planning, research and implementation of targeted messages that builds trust, educates and influences.


Breathe life into your business, excite your customers, and activate your brand identity as a statement of relevance, authenticity, competitive advantage and positioning.

Public Relations

Create mutually beneficial relationships with your publics, position your business, share your stories, raise awareness, and portray a strong profile and image through the design and targeted release of information.

Social Responsibility

Foster your business and community connections and interaction, forge stronger, genuine and enduring partnerships, build consciousness, increase brand recognition and engage your people with their community.


Deliver clear, consistent and factual information about your business services, programs, and products, that result in accurate and wide ranging coverage, management of issues, and greater exposure of your brand.


Navigate the dynamics between your business, people and the community, and deliver consensus and resolution on your important services, programs, decisions, projects and developments.

Virtual GM

Differentiate yourself from your competition, unify and integrate your brand, content and campaigns to reach your customers across all channels and media with the right message on the right platform.

An effective low-cost means to help you work on and in your business while the day to day operations is managed, and assistance to navigate your decisions and tensions relating to marketing, sales, HR, operations, finance and administration.

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