The 7ANDs is our framework of discovery and ideas to help transform

where you are to where you want to be.


Growth and Stability -  Positioned to grow and take risks with investment, confidence, strategic insight, people, tools and capability, and producing consistently stable outputs, withstanding problems, attracting investors and funding.

People and Results -  Focusing on people as the most important asset, enables the delivery of strategic objectives and outcomes, avoids crises, and ensures quality performance and results.

Purpose and Profit - The reason a business exists, delivers services, does or creates something that is in demand, operates, is resilient, delivering tangible benefits for people and is sustainable and profitable.

Community and Economy - Contributing to the maintenance of healthy, thriving, resilient and strong communities while navigating the often problematic relationship with the economy.

Stakeholders and Projects - Stakeholders can positively or negatively impact the output of a project. It can be costly to ignore stakeholder’s expectations as their influence can determine the project outcome.

Supply and Demand - Supporting the unique value creation driven through products and services and their relationship to price, income, consumer tastes and expectations.

AND Communications Advisory

Messaging, Methods, Activations,

Branding, Positioning,


Growth AND Stability

People AND Results

Purpose AND Profit

Community AND Economy

Stakeholders AND Projects

Supply AND Demand

Risk AND Reward

Risk and Reward - Risk appetite and levels are acceptable and achieving outcomes, reimagining organisations, people are happy, engaged, energised and rewarded for decisions as well as results, and business is profitable.